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Lawn Alternatives

Plant Alternatives to Replace a Water Hungry Lawn It’s time to break the grass habit (if you haven’t already). In the Bay Area, large lawns are being… Read More

How to cure Olives

by UC Davis Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  Read full olive curing information here. Harvested olives must be “cured” to remove the bitterness in order to make… Read More

Deep Drip Planting Stakes

Established trees have experienced drought stress as gardeners have stopped watering lawns. You can spot drought stress by looking for burning, discolored leaves, and early defoliation. The… Read More

Weekly WaterWise Solution: Mulch Lock

Our best recommendation for conserving water is to apply mulch so that plant roots stay cool and moist. Keeping mulch in place can help improve soil and increase biological activity. Mulch-Lock locks mulch in place… Read More

Don’t forget to vote!

Vote for your favorite low-water garden or plant through June 29th. Contestants with the most votes will win a Sloat Garden Center gift card. Which is your… Read More

Hippo Bags

Hippo Bags can help keep trees and shrubs well watered without waste during drought and dry weather. These irrigation bags hold up to 20 gallons of… Read More

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