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This week’s webinar outline

Webinar: Create a Pollinator Habitat Want to create a buzz-worthy pollinator garden? Think Mason bees live in jars? Liz Whiteford and Kath Cook from Contra Costa Master… Read More

How to Build a Rain Garden

Slow rain down, spread it out, and soak it in!  The purpose of a rain garden is to reduce rainwater runoff.   Rain gardens (also known as… Read More

Plants that thrive in heat

Summer-loving flowering plants such as Calibrachoa, Lantana, Verbena, Wave Petunia, and Pelargonium will last in the heat. (Unless you're in the cooler coastal or San Francisco… Read More

Vacation care tips for plants

As you plan your next vacation, take into consideration that your garden and houseplants will miss you!  With that in mind, we've prepared a few vacation care tips… Read More

Good Bug Tub

One way to encourage visiting beneficials to be permanent pest patrollers is to grow flowers that are good producers of nectar and pollen; with your help… Read More

Fun facts about native bees

Native bees need more pollen than nectar, as pollen is rich in protein and able to be stockpiled for larvae to eat as they overwinter… Read More

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