Below are the soils, mulches, and amendments carried by Sloat Garden Center. Availability varies and not all products are carried at each location.  If we’re out of a certain product, we will always stock an alternative.

Sloat Organic Compost

Amending your garden soil with compost at planting time contributes organic matter to the soil. Sloat Organic Compost is a great all-purpose outdoor planting mix that will improve soil vitality in all soil types. It is OMRI certified and made with genuine, “no-poo” compost.

Recommended for: For planting all types of vegetables, annuals and perennials.

Mix and enrich for planting: Mix 50/50 with existing soil.

What’s in the bag: “no-poo” compost

Sloat Potting Soil

Our Potting Soil is a ready-to-use mix for container gardening with added horticultural sand. The sand adds weight to the mix for improved plant anchorage increased resistance to “pot tipping” from windy or top-heavy conditions. Use indoors or outdoors when transplanting or repotting flowers, houseplants and ornamentals.

What’s in the bag: Fir Bark, Canadian Peat Moss, Horticultural Sand and Mushroom Compost.

Sloat Organic Potting Soil

Sloat organic potting soil is our premier formulation for container gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area. Made from the finest ingredients available, it provides good drainage and resistance to compaction. This ready-to-use mix provides plants an ideal medium for plant growth.

Recommended for: flowers, vegetables, houseplants and ornamentals in containers, indoors or out.

What’s in the bag: Fir bark, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, aged redwood, compost, volcanic pumice, sand, earthworm castings, feather meal, bat guano and kelp meal.

Sloat Organic Planting Mix

Sloat Organic Planting Mix has been specifically formulated to meet the unique growing conditions found in the San Francisco Bay Area. When mixed with garden soil, the organic materials help to conserve soil moisture, loosen hard soil, and improve soil porosity for better drainage. Excellent for planting all types of ornamentals, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Recommended for: For planting all types of flowers, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, roses and perennials.

What’s in the bag: Fir Bark, Redwood Sawdust, Compost, Perlite, Feather Meal, Gypsum, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal.

For best results, use Planting Mix 50/50 with your native soil. Dig planting hole twice as wide as the root ball, and only as deep. Score or roughen the root ball of the plant. Fill around the plant with the amended mixture, firmly setting the plant to eliminate any air pockets. Water thoroughly to assist in settling and establishing.

Note: regardless of the type of plant being planted, do not cover the bud union or bury more deeply than the plant was in its container. Do not cover the top of the root ball.

Sloat Forest Mulch Plus

Sloat organic forest mulch plus contains aged fir bark and chicken manure. It will aid in the supply of air and water to the plant roots for improved growth and robust plants.

Recommended for: For planting trees, shrubs and ornamentals mix 50/50 with existing soil.

What’s in the bag: Aged fir bark and aged chicken manure.


Sloat Loam Builder

Sloat organic loam builder contains a unique blend of aged redwood, compost and chicken manure.  Sloat Organic Loam Builder acts to enhance the bacterial action in the soil and improve fertility.

Soil preparation for vegetables and flowers:  Work the contents of this bag into 30 sq. ft. (6’ x 5’) of planting area to a depth of 8” prior to planting.

What’s in the bag: Aged redwood, compost and chicken manure.

Sloat Organic Indoor Potting Soil

Mixed specifically for indoor use, our Indoor Potting Soil provides excellent aeration, drainage, and water retention to help indoor plants thrive. Specially blended for all indoor plants, Sloat Indoor Potting Soil is ready-to-use, right out of the bag. Locally crafted and produced by E.B. Stone Organics in Suisun, CA.

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