10 Ways to Get Started with Bay-Friendly Gardening  

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These Bay-Friendly practices into your garden actually make gardening chores less of a chore. Including even just a few of these tips will reap multiple benefits. Sloat Garden Center draws information and the latest science from many local organizations like StopWaste.org, Our Water Our World, and UC IPM.  

  1. Use mulch to get water-wise!  It helps build healthy soil, reduces waste & weeds, and conserves resources. Mulch can also help reduce the time spent weeding and watering.”  
  2. Reduce garden waste by maintaining an active compost or worm bin, or use the green waste bin. It’s easy and doesn’t need a lot of space! 
  3. Minimize pruning and waste by choosing plants that are appropriate for your space and not overplanting or overwatering. 
  4. Conserve water by planting Mediterranean climate or California native plants and grouping those plants by water and light needs. Minimize or eliminate lawn area, use efficient irrigation techniques, and install a rainwater collection system. 
  5. Create wildlife habitat by providing food and water sources for wildlife. Leave some areas of the garden somewhat untidy — let flowers go to seed to provide food for birds, and leave dead leaves and stalks to shelter over-wintering beneficial insects.  
  6. Protect local watersheds and the bay by choosing permeable materials that allow water to soak into the ground rather than run off. Avoid synthetic fertilizers and the use of plants considered invasive in local wildlands. 
  7. Use IPM (integrated pest management) practices for controlling pests like weeds, insects and diseases to keep children, pets, wildlife and YOU safer.  Our teams are a great resource for help. 
  8. Grow flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables organically. 
  9. Include plants that attract beneficial insects and animals to your landscape. 
  10. Select and place trees and shrubs in the garden to reduce energy requirements. For example, plant deciduous trees on the west side of the house to provide shade during the summer and allow sunlight to warm the house in the winter. 

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