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Sloat Garden Center offers quality, locally-sourced soil mixes, barks and mulches, and construction materials to our East Bay customers. Quick delivery (often the same day) and affordable pricing will make any backyard project easier, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional gardener. Need less than a truckload or have your own truck? Pick-up pricing for ½ yard and above is available. East bay delivery only. Please note: our Top Soil dept is located behind our Diablo Rd. store.



(Note: Availability may vary seasonally)

Blends and Amendments

  • Diablo Mix (Our Special Blend)
    Our signature, locally blended mix designed to use in the ground or raised beds.  Great for trees, shrubs, lawns, and flower beds.
  • Compost Blend
    A mix of compost and nitrified Redwood to aid in loosening medium-heavy soils.  Must be blended into existing soil.
  • Green Waste Compost
    A blend of compost used to aerate and loosen heavy clay soils.  Must be mixed into existing soil.
  • Fir Humus
    An acidifying soil amendment good for Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, ferns and other acid-loving plants.  Must be mixed into existing soil. (Limited availability, call ahead)
  • Nitrified Redwood
    Used to enrich soil condition.  Lightweight and excellent for use when seeding or reseeding lawns.


Barks and Mulches

  • Fir Bark (fine & medium grade)
  • Red Pea Bark
  • Black Pea Bark
  • Shredded Redwood (Fine Black)
  • Shredded Redwood (Fine & Medium grade)
  • Shredded Cedar
  • Playground Fiber
  • Black Walk-on Bark

Construction Materials

  • ¾” AB Class 2
  • ¼” Blue Dust
  • ¾” Clean Crushed Rock
  • Red Lava Rock
  • Lodi Rock
  • Gold Path Fines
  • Screened Sand

Please call for current pricing and delivery fees.

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