Weekly WaterWise Solution: Monterey Perc-O-Late Plus

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Weekly WaterWise Solution: Monterey Perc-O-Late Plus 

Monterey Perc-O-Late Plus Monterey Perc-O-Late Plus improves water penetration by increasing the rate water soaks into soil (meaning greater water efficiency and less water waste). Monterey Perc-O-Late Plus includes nitrogen and important trace elements (iron, zinc, manganese).

Sandy soils, soils with high organic matter, and soils that cycle from wet to very dry are more susceptible to water repellency. Soils that are dry and/or have high organic matter are more prevalent near the soil surface, which is where poor infiltration issues exist. This results in higher runoff and poor water distribution uniformity. The water that does go into the soil tends to move in concentrated fingers of flow instead of uniform distribution throughout the soil profile. This causes localized dry spots resulting in poor irrigation efficiency and crop performance.

Surfactants (soil penetrants) help overcome water repellency problems by adding molecules to water that stick to the water-repellent coatings on the soil and draws the water in behind it, encouraging the problem soil to become wet.

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