Gardener's Blog

Make a Bird Feeder

Kid's Club Activity: Make a Bird Feeder Now is the time to think about feeding the birds! Birds need extra food through the winter months as the weather… Read More

Hummingbird mama & her eggs

A hummingbird mama has chosen our 3rd avenue store to build a nest and lay her eggs. Assistant Manager Cameron tells the story of when they… Read More

Buddleja Pugster Series

The Buddleja Pugster series features full-sized flowers on a dwarf plant. These plants are extremely attractive to both hummingbirds and butterflies! Pugster® is a whole new look for… Read More

Hummingbird Hoopla

  Thanks for shopping our Hummingbird Hoopla. Stay tuned for additional promotions in the future… Read More

Holidays are for the Birds

Stop in to learn how you can support our fine, feathered friends this winter. How to support birds during drought. > Bird-friendly flowers from Botanical Interests. >  … Read More

Bird friendly flower varieties

Leaving seed heads in the garden gives our flying friends much-needed calories and nutrition for their migration, and provides us with sculptural winter interests that glow… Read More

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