How to keep plants healthy in summer heat

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It’s hot out there and your plants may need extra protection this weekend as temperatures climb. Consider moving tender container plants into shady areas. Also note that the best time to water is in the early morning or evening so that plants lose less to evaporation.


5 favorite WaterWise products

  1. Spray small transplants and water-thirsty plants with Wilt Stop to reduce drought stress.
  2. Consider using Soil Moist on new summer plantings to conserve water. Its water-holding polymers can reduce the need to water plants by up to 50%. Soil Moist should be applied to new container plantings.
  3. Water less often and more deeply with Greene King Deep Watering Plant Stakes. They encourage deeper root systems that can better tolerate dry periods. Deep watering plant stakes supply the water where it’s needed most.
  4. Apply a thick layer of mulch to garden beds with Sloat Garden Center’s Forest Mulch Plus to protect soil from the summer heat, conserve moisture, and keep garden maintenance down.
  5. Dramm One Touch 16″ and 30″ water wands put water where you need it!


5 WaterWise Tips

  1. Efficient watering with the proper tools is key (soaker hoses, drip irrigation, and slow water devices, etc) to ensure plants receive the majority of water applied, thereby reducing runoff and evaporation.
  2. Though drought tolerant, many cactus and succulents appreciate some water, especially during hot weather. Full sun may be too strong for succulents, especially in inland locations.
  3. Provide a water source for birds and thirsty bees. We like adding a bird bath to a shady location. Placing small stones or pebbles inside a bird bath or saucer is a perfect resting spot for bees and butterflies to take a drink.
  4. Make sure your irrigation equipment is functioning properly and is the right system for the job. Replace washers on hoses and water bibs to prevent leakage. Use shut-off valves on hoses so that water is not wasted as you move about the garden.
  5. Water in the morning before the sun gets too strong. This ensures that water goes to the plant and is not lost to evaporation.

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