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Vacation care tips for plants

As you plan your next vacation, take into consideration that your garden and houseplants will miss you!  With that in mind, we've prepared a few vacation care tips… Read More

Plants that thrive in heat

Looking for plants that thrive in heat? 🌼   Summer-loving flowering plants like Calibrachoa, Lantana, Verbena, Wave Petunia, and Pelargonium are great options. (Unless you’re in the cooler… Read More

Have you fed your plants lately?

Now is the time of year when lack of nutrition starts to show in all of your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Squash becomes pale, tomatoes aren’t… Read More

This week’s webinar outline

Webinar: Create an Herb Planter for Summer As we enter the summer season and the time for outdoor entertaining, it’s nice to have herbs close to the… Read More

Our Favorite Herb Recipes

Bouquet Garni Crispy Herbed Roasted Potatoes recipe Cucumber Salad with Yogurt and Dill Recipe Five Favorite Herb Recipes Garden Fresh Pesto recipe Green Beans with… Read More

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