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All about planting fall vegetables

Fall Edible Gardening  Vegetable gardening is not just a spring pursuit, friends. Early fall is an ideal time to plant cool season vegetables, greens, and root crops. Not only… Read More

Plant winter squash

"Winter squashes are the forgotten vegetables. Almost no vegetable is as easy to grow or keep. With fertile soil, full sun, and ample water, vines take… Read More

Gnat troubles

Dear Garden Guru, I’m hoping that you are able to help me. I have a gnat problem in one of my indoor houseplants. I have tried everything… Read More

Fire Resistant Garden Designs

We've developed a few garden design layouts for a 6’ x 10’ space. These designs are ideal for replacing an old, established Juniper for instance (their… Read More

Plants for pollinators!

There are many plants that will attract pollinators to your garden - butterflies, bees (many varieties besides the bumble and honeybee), and other beneficial insects such… Read More

All about Agastache & Aeonium

Agastache (pronounced ah-gas-TAH-kee-whew!) This perennial herb (also Sloat's plant pick of the month) is also called “Hummingbird Mint” or “Anise Hyssop”, the flower spikes not only attract… Read More

This week’s webinar outline

Webinar: Create a Pollinator Habitat Want to create a buzz-worthy pollinator garden? Think Mason bees live in jars? Liz Whiteford and Kath Cook from Contra Costa Master… Read More

How to Build a Rain Garden

Slow rain down, spread it out, and soak it in!  The purpose of a rain garden is to reduce rainwater runoff.   Rain gardens (also known as… Read More

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