Danville – Diablo Rd Sloat Garden Center

The East Bay’s gardening headquarters

Our roomy Danville location is an East Bay haven for fresh plants, high-quality garden tools, soils, pottery and expert garden advice. Our staff has a gift for helping gardeners create their very own garden sanctuaries.

Learn about our Diablo Rd. based Topsoil department (including hours and location).

Q & A with the Danville, Diablo Rd staff

Please tell us about the store and staff.

We are a large store so we can have demonstration beds to grow edibles and flowers. We also have the largest selection of herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, etc. in the area. Our staff is great. They all have a genuine interest in or connection to plants.

What’s unique about the Danville/Diablo Rd. location?

1. Tomato plants thrive here; we always plant tomatoes at the nursery when the season starts. We love old-time favorites like Sweet 100s, as well as heirlooms. We planted Indigo Rose last season and it was a super tasty purple-black tomato.

2. We carry a beautiful selection of custom container plantings. We are happy to plant a combination just for you!

3. We have our bulk soils division right on site for customers who need large amounts of soil.

4. Deer, turkeys, and rabbits sometimes sneak into the nursery at night! Plus, the view of Mt. Diablo.

5. Our customers! We love helping Danville area gardeners.

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