Growing Up Green Fundraiser program

Our Growing up Green program helps schools and non-profit groups raise funds.

For more than 50 years, Sloat Garden Center has supported Bay Area communities by donating thousands of dollars to schools and civic groups. We are continuing this support by expanding our Growing up Green program.

How it works:

Your school signs up for Growing up Green and then members of your school community can mention your school to the cashier when they shop during the event dates. Sloat Garden Center will then donate 10% of all pre-tax sales generated by your school back to your school in the form of a gift card to be used for school gardening, gifts, raffles, auctions, or other fundraising efforts throughout the year. The school with the highest total sales amount will receive double the donation (20%). The success of the program depends on how well and frequently you get the word out. Encourage family, friends, neighbors, and school community members to pass around or forward the information in emails. Also, consider inserting a flyer into school newsletters, sending it home with students, or announcing it on your school’s website. Questions? Contact us by email HERE

2023 Growing Up Green fundraiser dates

  • Mar 17 – 26
  • Sep 1 – 10
  • Oct 20 – 29
  • Nov 24 – Dec 3

How to participate:

1.  Once you sign up you’re eligible for every Growing Up Green event. There’s no need to reapply.

2. Submit an application form at least 2 weeks before the first day of the week you’ve chosen. Download the Growing up Green application.

3. Once you’re registered we will email you a reminder and a flyer to print out or distribute via email.

4. Hand out flyers throughout your school community before your chosen Growing up Green week and let the community know about the fundraiser.

5. Shop in one of our stores, mention your school to our cashier — your school will then receive a percentage back from each sale in the form of a gift card, 2-3 weeks after the event. Please note: Purchase of gift cards do not apply.


  • Apply well in advance
  • Let community members, friends, and family know about the fundraiser: Insert flyers into newsletters, send home with students, announce it on the school website, and forward the flyer in emails to parents.
  • The more you’re involved, the more successful the fundraiser.
  • Please note: Each school must have a minimum of $100 in purchases in order to be eligible to receive 10% back.
  • Contact us with any questions!


Please note: Purchases made using gift cards issued through the Growing Up Green Program will not be counted towards future Growing Up Green donations.

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