Deep Drip Planting Stakes

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Established trees have experienced drought stress as gardeners have stopped watering lawns. You can spot drought stress by looking for burning, discolored leaves, and early defoliation. The way to compensate is with deep watering; a 25 year old tree is irreplaceable and worth supporting.

Deep Drip planting stakes were designed to maintain healthy trees and plants by watering directly at the roots. The multiple holes have an internal mesh filter to allow the water to flow down to the roots and keep dirt and rocks from getting in and clogging the stake. Constructed of sturdy, but eco-friendly ABS plastic, Deep Drip Stakes were made to last 15+ years. The UV Protected cap acts as a protective and reinforced cover when hammering the stake in the ground. It can also hold a 1/4 inch drip line in place.

Watering stakes

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