Meet our Family of Local Producers & Growers: Upstarts Organic Seedlings

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Meet our Family of Local Vendors & Growers: Upstarts Organic Seedlings

Upstarts Organic Seedlings have grown and distributed organic seedlings from the heart of the Monterey Bay since 1989. They were one of the first bedding growers to be certified organic by CCOF in 1991; Sloat Garden Center started sourcing plants from them the year after.

Upstarts owners Sarah and Basil select seeds based on flavor, local growing conditions, vigor and disease resistance. They watch for new nursery and culinary trends and enjoy growing unusual and hard-to-find plants. Sarah and Basil like to surprise our staff with their new finds and are accustomed to taking calls from Sloat Garden Center vegetable buyers to track down elusive varieties.

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