Plants to feed the caterpillar to butterfly life cycle

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Some plants provide nectar for adult butterflies (lavender and salvia), while others are food for their larvae – caterpillars (parsley, anise and fennel for swallowtails).  Asclepias do double duty; the leaves are an important food source for Monarch caterpillars, and its flowers are nectar-rich for butterflies.

Lavender Meerlo
Lavender ‘Meerlo’
Lavender Meerlo is one of the most heat, humidity, and WaterWise lavenders. These vigorous plants hold their beautifully variegated and highly fragrant foliage, and sport pale blue flowers in summer. Deer-resistant, easy care, heat tolerant.  Flowers in summer. Low-water once established.

SalviaSalvia ‘Black and Bloom’

An improved earlier blooming version of Salvia Black and Blue. This is another great Salvia option for the mid-to-back of borders. Deer resistant and heavy blooming until frost. Dark-blue flowers mid-spring to mid-fall. Attracts pollinators, easy care, longer blooming, and WaterWise.


Asclepias tuberosa
A tough, hardy perennial, clumping from a narrow base. The erect asclepias_tuberosa_s_2015_07_16a2 to 3 ft. stems are lined with brushes of narrow, dark green leaves. For several weeks in summer it carries broad heads of waxy bright orange blossoms, followed by interesting horned pods. Note: all tropical Asclepias (Asclepias currassavica) should be pruned back in September, even if they are still blooming!


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