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  • Don’t forget to water houseplants as your attention focuses on the outdoors.
  • Attract hummingbirds with plants that have nectar: agastache, salvia, penstemon, buddleja, fuchsia, abutilon. Don’t have a lot of garden space? Hang hummingbird feeders on decks and patios.
  • Plant herbs for use in the kitchen. Re-seed or plant greens, cabbages and kales.
  • Consider using Soil Moist for your summer plantings to conserve water.
  • Your spring plantings are getting hungry. Feed with E.B. Stone Organics fertilizers or Maxsea.
  • Father’s Day is this month. Celebrate Dad with a gift from the garden!
  • Deadhead roses, shrubs and other flowers with a new pair of Felco pruners to encourage new blooms. We also carry a wide variety of micro snips and floral shears.
  • Mulch shrubs and beds to conserve moisture. Use Sloat Forest Mulch Plus or Redi Gro Bark Mulch.
  • Make sure vegetables are supported with cages, stakes or trellises.
  • Check early-bearing fruit trees for heavily laden branches. Thin fruits now to prevent branches from breaking. Thinning fruits also makes remaining fruit bigger! Harvest vegetables to keep them producing.
  • Summer insects such as pear and rose slug, weevils, aphids and thrips can be found. Use an appropriate non-toxic remedy to control them. Use Captain Jack’s Dead Bug spray with spinosad for chewing insects. Use Monterey Bt ready- to-use for destructive budworm.
  • Treat blueberries and citrus with FST or Liquinox Iron and Zinc to maintain soil acidity.
  • Feed your roses with Sul-Po-Mag to encourage another flush of bloom.
  • Check for standing water to keep mosquitoes from breeding. Use Mosquito Dunks or Bits to kill larvae.
  • Ensure succulents are protected from hot afternoon sun that can burn them.

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