• Decorate your home with greenery and festive plants for the holidays.
  • Frost alert: Water your plants, spray tender plants with Bonide Wilt Stop to prevent wind / freeze burn. Cover with N-Sulate Blanket for further protection. Note: remove frost blankets during the daytime hours.
  • Feed the birds. Keep suet and seed feeders full.
  • Empty birdbaths to prevent freeze damage.
  • Create beautiful winter entryways by planting Cyclamen, Pansies, and Violas in our one-of-a-kind pottery. Add some flair by adding cut greens from your garden: Pittosporum, Toyon, Dodonaea, Cedar, etc. Get creative!
  • Select and plant dormant roses to ensure a fragrant summer rose garden — arriving mid to late December at most Sloat Garden Centers (call ahead for availability).
  • Take advantage of the rain we get this month. If you missed out on fall planting, it’s still a great time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees to get roots established. Developing strong root systems over the winter months will promote lush spring growth.
  • Most houseplants are not actively growing. Reduce watering to avoid root rot over the winter.
  • Spray cut trees, wreaths, and holiday greens with Bonide Wilt Stop or mist with water daily. Keep trees and greens and poinsettias away from hot sunny windows and heat sources. If you’re using Poinsettias to decorate outdoors, bring them in out of the cold at night.
  • Clean up the garden to avoid over-wintering diseases.
  • Lightly prune any evergreen shrubs to keep pathways clear. Trees can be thinned to prevent storm/wind damage. Roses should have their leaves removed to bring on dormancy and it is easier to see the framework for pruning and spraying. Leave rose flowers so they can form rose hips (‘hip out’). Rake up spent petals and leaves to reduce disease.
  • We carry replacement parts for Felco pruners. Get a new blade for pruning season!
  • Sow perennial wildflowers seeds now for instant spring color.
  • Watch Cymbidium spikes for snails. Use Sluggo around them if they’re outside. Provide winter protection, otherwise, bring them in.
  • Start planning your spring garden now. Contact our Sloat garden staff for ideas!
  • Ensure houseplants are not exposed to heat sources. Increase humidity by placing on pebble-filled saucers.

Curious if we have your favorite plant or product in stock? Call one of our locations directly and we'll be happy to check.