• Plant deciduous flowering cherries and plums, dormant fruit trees and Japanese maples. Look for deciduous vines as well, such as Akebia and Boston Ivy.
  • The first of our summer bulbs (gladiolus and dahlias) arrive in select stores this month. Call ahead to the Sloat Garden Center location nearest you for information.
  • Dormant roses have arrived in our stores. Learn how to plant and care for them. Plant roses with E.B. Stone Sure Start and Greenall Rose Grow Planting Mix.
  • Top dress roses and tender plants with Sloat Forest Mulch Plus.
  • If it has rained, continue to dormant spray. Dormant sprays help prevent peach leaf curl, fungal rot, and other diseases. We recommend Monterey Liqui-Cop or Bonide Copper Fungicide for disease and Bonide All Seasons Oil for insects. They can be mixed and sprayed at the same time!
  • Protect your plants from slugs and snails with Sluggo or Sluggo Plus.
  • Protect citrus from rodents with Bonide Repels All.
  • Don’t forget to water houseplants, especially if the heater has been on. Outdoor plants that are not exposed to rain should be checked too.
  • Most houseplants are not actively growing. Reduce watering to avoid root rot.
  • Deadhead cyclamen to keep them in bloom.
  • Protect plants and tender succulents from cold with a frost blanket such as N-Sulate and use an anti-transpirant spray such as Bonide Wilt Stop. Water prior to spraying.
  • Clean up the garden: Prune roses, shrubs, and trees. Prune and cut back perennials & ornamental grasses. Need a little guidance? Contact us!
  • After pruning, be sure to clean your tools.
  • Stop the weeds! Weeds that begin with winter rains go to seed in March & April. But the clever gardener never lets them get that far. Pull weeds now before they go to seed. Apply Safer Weed Prevention Plus or Bonide Maize Ready-to-spray made from natural corn gluten to prevent weed germination.
  • Now is the time to remove plants that aren’t thriving to make room for healthier plants. Sad, but true!
  • Feed the birds: We have suet in 6 flavors to attract a variety of birds from woodpeckers to phoebes. Finch Socks with Nyjer are easy to use and popular with the birds! Our seed blends have no added fillers.


Curious if we have your favorite plant or product in stock? Call one of our locations directly and we'll be happy to check.