Tillandsia: Small & Sweet.

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Thank goodness trends are cyclical because tillandsia are back in favor; in fact, they’ve become the latest stars of minimalist modern décor. These tropical plants in the bromeliad family are epiphytes, meaning they live by absorbing water and nutrients through their leaves, rather than from the soil. They can grow just about anywhere; in a bowl, vase, tucked into a wreath or even a seashell. Tillandsia always looks beautiful paired up with succulents.

Tillandsia care:
Tillandsia need bright, indirect light and intermediate to warm temperatures. Native to humid environments, they enjoy regular misting. Once or twice a month they will appreciate a good bath. Fill a bowl with room temperature water and immerse the whole plant; let it soak for an hour or two. Shake dry and return it to its nook.

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