Herbs: sage

sage shutterstock_13411165Culinary sage (also known as garden sage or common sage) is a type of salvia, which is the largest genus in the mint family. Sage is easy to grow and prolific; place it on a sunny windowsil or garden bed and you’ll have this fresh herb year-round.

Common sage can grow 1-3 ft tall and wide. The aromatic leaves are soft and hairy, and usually gray-green or purple.

Sage likes six to eight hours of full sun (don’t worry, in our coastal regions the sun is still penetrating through the fog). Well-drained soil is essential. If drainage is poor, work in plenty of organic matter or grow in raised beds or containers. For best results, use a complete fertilizer (EB Stone Organic All Purpose, Tomato & Vegetable Food, SureStart or Alfalfa Meal for vegetarians and vegans).

Water regularly until the plants are growing steadily. Then it will need only occasional watering. Sage can be tucked into established beds and borders or in a pot close to the kitchen door. Keep sage pinched back regularly

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