Blueberries grow well in the Bay Area, but they need acidic soil and regular feeding. Amend soil with E.B. Stone Azalea, Camellia and Gardenia Mix. If planting in containers, this mix can be used straight from the bag.

Supplement with F.S.T. (an acidifying agent containing the nutrients iron, sulfur, manganese, and zinc) in early spring and again in late summer. Feed plants monthly once they have leafed out with Maxsea Acid formula.

Regular/average irrigation is needed, especially when the plants are setting berries. Use mulch to keep the shallow roots cool, prevent weed competition and reduce soil evaporation. Blueberries want full to part sun.

In the ground, space plants 3′ apart if creating a hedge. Allow 4′ to 5′ for freestanding shrubs. Planters should be a minimum of 18″ for individual plants. A wine barrel will accommodate 2 or 3 plants comfortably.

We recommend these varieties for Bay Area gardens:

Early flowering SH varieties will ripen fruit in May/June
Misty, Oneal, Sharpblue

Mid flowering SH varieties will ripen fruit in June
Jubilee, Southmoon, Sunshine Blue, Emerald

Early flowering NH varieties ripen fruit in June/July
Bluejay, Earliblue, Patriot, Reka

Mid flowering NH varieties ripen fruit in July
Bluecrop, Bluejay, Blueray, Hardyblue, Draper, Chandler

Late flowering NH varieties ripen fruit in July/August
Chandler, Elliott, Jersey, Legacy

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