All about Anigozanthos

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Anigozanthos, grows from short underground horizontal rhizomes. As its common name ‘Kangaroo Paw’ suggests, it is native to southwestern Australia. The proper name comes from the Greek ‘anoigo’ which means to open and ‘anthos’ which means flower and reflects this flower’s inclination to open widely. The flowers form on stalks arising from the main stem (raceme) and range in colors from yellow, chartreuse, orange and red.They make a good cut flower and attract hummingbirds. Kangaroo Paws like full sun and excellent drainage. They also like regular water but the sap in the root system allows the plants to survive extreme dry spells.

The size and height of the plant and flower stalks varies between species, ranging from one foot wide to three feet wide with stalks that can be even taller. They can bloom from spring to fall if spent flower spikes are cut to the ground.

They look nice contrasted with Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’, Salvia ‘Moonlight’, Euphorbias, erigeron, aeoniums, coreopsis, and so many more.

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