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In this week’s San Francisco Chronicle Home & Garden section, the friendly Bay Area based West County Gardener gloves are featured. Sloat Garden Center carries West County Gardener gloves with pride — they are durable, comfortable and well made. We’re reprinting the article below.

San Francisco Chronicle
Laura Thomas
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One challenge that’s been met

San Francisco gardener and bicyclist Beverly Schor invented a better garden glove back in 2001 that has spawned many imitators. “In our own small way we have revolutionized garden gloves,” she said recently. “We sell all over the country.”

Her West County Gardener company makes gloves of synthetic suede that are designed to be flexible, lightweight, washable and durable. When Schor first designed the glove, most gardening gloves were made of cotton — which wore out quickly and didn’t really protect the hands — or leather, which got stiff and sweaty.

Her first two gloves were a simple work glove for weekend gardeners and a waterproof glove for techies. They were followed by the landscape glove, the 3/4-finger glove and her latest, the rose glove. The thorn-resistant leather glove designed with a material used in motorcycle gloves is a godsend to rose gardeners, Schor said.

“It really created quite a stir,” she said. “Rose gardeners are absolute fanatics, a special brand of people. To produce a colorful and synthetic material (for them) was just special.”

The gauntlet-style glove (shown above, $30) is great for working with poison oak, berry bushes or juniper, “anything that has toxic oils and a scratchy texture,” Schor said. It comes in two colors, ruby and saffron, and in sizes from XS to XL.

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