Webinar: What to Do in your Garden this Month – January

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January is a great time to get the garden lined up for spring. Our garden expert Shannon Fitzpatrick is back to share tips on what we should be doing in our gardens right now. Her tips will help get you on the right path for a successful growing season. This is a valuable discussion for any level of gardener.

Baby, It’s STILL Cold Outside

  • Frost and how/when to protect your plants
  • Benefits of frost cloth vs spray
  • The game of life – it’s decision making time!


  • Salvage water-logged plants
  • It’s finally time for true pruning & how to care for those tools
  • Dormant sprays and other preventative measures

To Plant or Not to Plant?

  • Deciduous plants are now available – including dormant roses!
  • First of the Summer bulbs
  • Top dressing

New Year, New Houseplant!

  • Lots of fun new varieties
  • Household heaters aren’t the kind of tropical weather they like
  • Focus on watering to prevent root rot and ensure hydration

Feeding our Winged Friends

  • Seed blend varieties
  • Hummingbird feeders

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