Summer Container Watering

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Keep up on watering container plants…we have a few suggestions to help!
First and foremost: water each plant to the top of the container rim so that water can soak through to the bottom of the roots. This is a critical key to all watering!

Specific instructions for container watering: For larger shrubs and trees, citrus, Bougainvillea, California natives, and out of bloom flowering shrubs, apply “pink Osmocote”.

Avoid watering native plants later in the day even if they are wilted. It has been found that watering them in this stressed state is more likely to kill them than not. Wait until the next morning.

Do not water Bougainvillea, Citrus, Fremontodendron, Romneya, Fescues, or Magnolias every day. Let them dry out first.

Vegetables and herbs often get over watered as do hanging basket Fuchsias, Begonias and New Guinea Impatiens. If the plants are wilted in the middle of the day and the temperatures are at or near 85+, LEAVE THEM ALONE! The plants have turned on their survival mechanisms and closed their stomas to save water. Shut stomas = loss of turgidity=wilt. The soil is probably still moist enough, adding more reduces oxygen for the roots and creates a stewing environment –not good for roots. The result is yellow leafed, stunted peppers and tomatoes, dead fuchsias and sad looking flowers. If the plants are still wilted at around 4:00 pm, go ahead and water (even though its against the morning only rule).

Plants do not need to be “kissed”. There is a vein of thought that plants like a shower on a hot day to cool them off and create some humidity. Plants will release more water out of their bodies in a humid environment (think diffusion) than they have water reserves in their cages (cans) thus becoming even drier! It also encourages disease, wrecked flowers and sunburn (those water droplets are like little magnifying glasses)

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