Planting trees & shrubs

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Planting trees or shrubs anytime soon?

Try adding beneficial mycorrhizal fungi to your planting hole with Sure Start and other EB Stone products. Mycorrhizal fungi are the good guys of the fungal world.

According to an article in the July/August 1998 issue of The American Gardener, these microorganisms colonize the fine roots of plants, extending threadlike feeding structures into the soil. These root-like feeders act as extensions of the plant’s own roots, helping the plant get water and food. In exchange, the fungi get sugars manufactured by the plant. There is evidence that mycorrhizae help plants survive stresses from drought and high soil temperatures, and even protect them from certain soil diseases. These fungi exist in great numbers in natural environments, but have often been stripped away in the course of modern construction, and gardening practices such as use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Sure Start contains beneficial mycorrhizal fungi as well as beneficial bacteria and organic stimulants that improve perennials, herbs and garden vegetables. It is added to the planting hole at planting time. And you can even add some later for use as a top dressing in established beds.

After the first killing frost, cut back blackened leaves and stems of perennials, pull annuals and neaten the garden for the winter. Rake and discard leaves from any trees, shrubs or flowers which suffered serious fungal outbreaks this year (such as black spot, leaf spot or powdery mildew). Do not put them in the compost pile. Cleaning up the leaves and getting rid of them will help prevent outbreaks next year, since spores can overwinter and reinfect new foliage when it emerges next spring.

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