Meet our Family of Local Producers & Growers: Blooms Nursery

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Blooms Wholesale Nursery grows unique and high-quality annuals and perennials for Sloat Garden Center. Founded in 1985 in Sonoma County by the Bloom family, the company prides itself on a reputation for quality and broad selection. 

Thanks to support from early customers like Sloat Garden Center, Blooms thrived early on as a local plant producer. They were early leaders in designating plants as “Bee Friendly” (Blooms will not use harmful sprays).

“Our commitment to quality is based on several factors,” says Tony Bloom. “First: a careful selection of varieties that perform well in Northern California. Second: growing outdoors produces plants that are healthy and garden-ready, and third: we never apply growth regulators.”

Curious if we have your favorite plant or product in stock? Call one of our locations directly and we'll be happy to check.