Meet our Family of Local Producers & Growers: Maxsea

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Maxsea is a small, family-owned company with one goal: to make the best garden products using natural resources. Owner John Dimmick was introduced to organic farming by an eccentric local gardener and has been captivated ever since. He founded the company in 1967 as a way to re-purpose wasted sawdust and bark from his family’s sawmill operations. The first product was an orchid-growing medium using chipped redwood bark, but he soon created a line of organic potting soils.

Fascinated by the benefits of seaweed, John began working with soluble seaweed granules to create a product to nurture gardens and help them thrive. The first Maxsea Plant Food formula was sold in 1989 as part of this company’s small and handcrafted aesthetic.

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