Meet our Family of Local Producers & Growers: Sweetwater Nursery

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Sweetwater Nursery grows thousands of varieties of organic herbs and vegetables, as well as perennials. The Loveday Brown family started the small plant nursery in Point Richmond in 1977, and then moved the nursery to Sebastopol in 1992.

“We are a family of gardeners and home cooks, so we have a big passion for planting, growing, and harvesting plants for home use,” says Jed Loveday Brown.  “Most of our edible plant offerings are introduced because we tried an interesting recipe or read an article about a new and exciting use. Growing a diverse variety of edible plants is a driving force behind our business.”

Jed’s  gardening tips

“Save a small space every year for new and interesting plants you haven’t tried growing before. Fill the rest of your space with your favorite edible plants. Also: Plant your “fall” garden in summer – Just like you plant your summer garden in the spring. Plant a winter garden in fall or varieties of brassicas that are bred for “overwintering.” Those will be harvestable in early spring.

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