It’s truly autumn now!

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It’s truly autumn and we’ve had the rain to prove it! Now is the time for sowing wildflowers such as California poppies and Clarkia. Other seeds to plant are Sweet Peas, Larkspur, annual Iberis, forget me nots and Virginia stock.

A beer recipe for lawns…
Lawn renovation, other than total removal, is best done now. This means thatching and aeration. A good recipe to help get rid of heavy thatch build-up is to mix beer and water 50/50 and spray on the lawn. The yeast in the beer helps decompose the dead thatch making it easier to rake away. Top dress the lawn after aerating with ½” of Sloat Forest Mulch Plus. Feed lawns at this time of year with Ringer Lawn Restore or Greenall Fall & Winter Feed.

Speaking of feeding, we have long suggested feeding spring flowering shrubs with Ultra Bloom (0-10-10) to promote resistance to cold and stimulate good bud set on Rhododendron, Camellia and Azaleas. Another product we carry can also be applied now. It is the Excel LG Systemic Fungicide. This is an organic product that is a biostimulant, preventative, curative and provides Potassium and Phosphorous to boot.

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