Gopher resistant plants

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These plants are usually left alone by gophers. It should be noted that many plants that are deer resistant are also gopher resistant.

Shrubs: Arbutus unedo, Buddleja, Callistemon, Ceanothus, Escallonia, Euonymus, Grevillea, Heteromeles, Hydrangea, Michelia, Nandina, Oleander, Rosemary, Westringia, Ilex, Coleonema, Citrus, Rhaphiolepis, Ribes, Cistus

Perennials: Begonia (fibrous), Dietes, Lantana, Lavender, Nepeta, Penstemon, Salvia, Vinca minor, Artemesia, Euphorbia, Shasta Daisy, Clivia, Heuchera splendens (scarlet Coralbells), Juncus, Festuca, Nierembergia, Digitalis

Bulbs: Scilla, Narcissus/Daffodil, Amaryllis belladonna, Allium, Muscari, Tulbahia, Onion, Garlic

Trees: Fraxinus, Eucalyptus, Apricot, Avocado, Pomegranate

Unfortunately, the following plants have been identified as sure bet gopher foods:  most bulbs, most vegetables. Especially carrots, peas, potatoes and parsley, Aster, Campanula, California Poppy, Lavatera, Miscanthus, Phormium, Rose, and Salvia uliginosa.

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