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Marin Master Gardener: Gifts for growers
Jane Scurich
Marin IJ

This is the season all gardeners look forward to – stockings overflowing with new tools, bulbs, seeds, gloves, gift certificates, watering cans, creative design ideas, books about everything horticultural – you get the picture.

We gardeners are a pretty easy-to-please group as long as your gift is thoughtful of our earth.

Victory gardens abounded this past year; in fact, some seed distributors completely sold out of many products as everyone seemed to jump on the gardening bandwagon. So help your gardening friend get a fresh batch of seeds for the upcoming planting season.

Sloat Garden Center, based in Marin, offers a wonderful bird feeder to attract finches to your garden. The Finch Sock Feeder is an ingenious, refillable sock that deters squirrels and larger birds while providing a perfect spot for finches to perch and feed on thistle seed. And it’s a true recession buster at $5.99.

Don’t overlook the treasured gift of your time to assist your gardening friends – we can all use a helping hand at times. A gift of a few hours of raking, weeding and mulching can bring a smile to many faces. Best wishes for a happy holiday growing season.

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