Cold in the Bay Area expected: be prepared!

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Temperatures are going down this weekend!  Now is the time to take action to protect your cold-tender plants.

At a minimum, you should check all of your plants for moisture. A hydrated plant is less likely to suffer cold damage.

You can help protect citrus, bougainvillea, tender perennials and any sub-tropical plants with Bonide Wilt-Stop (Ready-to-Use and Concentrate), N-Sulate Frost Protection Blankets and burlap totes — all Sloat Garden Centers are stocked with these products. While an application of Wilt-Stop can protect up to 1-2 degrees of temperature (which can be critical for tender plants), a combination of these products and a frost protection blanket is advised to limit damage even further.

Container plants can be moved inside or under a covered area. Succulents, especially those that have been watered, can freeze through and turn to mush. Succulents should be kept on the dry side, and specimens should be brought indoors or covered.

Curious if we have your favorite plant or product in stock? Call one of our locations directly and we'll be happy to check.