As seen in the Fall Gardener’s Notebook

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Can’t get enough of our Gardener’s Notebook?  Here’s a collection of additional plant care tidbits!





Video: Create a Succulent Planter

Learn how to plant up an indoor or outdoor Succulent Planter! Shannon will take you through how to choose the right pottery, fertilizer, and soil that are appropriate for growing succulents.


Winter Citrus Care

Learn when and how to protect citrus from frost at our winter citrus care guide.



How to grow Onions & Garlic

We have new arrivals of onion, shallot, and garlic bulbs that can be planted now.



Bird-friendly Plant Suggestions

Feed local birds by growing the plants that provide winter food for them.



Learn to make your own Succulent Pumpkin

Follow our tutorial and make your own succulent topped pumpkin creation.


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