A Danville yard: Before & After

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Danville gardener Irene Stringer kindly sent pictures of her garden transformation from kid’s yard to gardener’s paradise. Wow!

When her three children were growing they had a trampoline, and soccer and basketball nets on their 1/2 acre backyard lot. Now that her kids are older, she and her husband decided they wanted a garden with vegetables, fruits, herbs and lots of flowers. “Our yard is like a little heaven on earth. It is so much fun to garden and relax and entertain in the yard!” says Irene.

An avid gardener, Irene sent us the following ideas…they make a lot of sense so we’re reprinting them here!
1. Make your vegetable garden part of your beautiful landscaping. Mine is in the back of our yard framed in boxwoods and looks like part of the whole garden.
2. When planting tomatoes and other vegetables, instead of sticking the label in the ground, put a hole in it with a hole puncher, use ribbon or garden tape and stick it on the tomato basket or on a tall garden stick at eye level so you can see it and it does not get washed away. Hope you like my ideas and photos!

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