10 Tips for Every Gardener

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Get comfortable growing houseplants, flowers, vegetables, trees, and more with our top 10 favorite tips!


1. Healthy gardens start with healthy soil. The easiest way to create a superior growing medium for plants is to add organic material to existing soil. Read more.

2. Learn to plant any plant in 8 steps. Follow our steps to successfully plant annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, and trees. Read more.

3. Container gardening is an ideal solution for gardeners with limited space. Read more.

4.  Not sure when to plant your vegetables and herbs? See our vegetable planting chart.

5. Need quick tips to take care of indoor plants!  Read our 5 general tips.  Want something more detailed?  Our houseplant care sheet can help.

6. Learn more about WaterWise gardening. See the tips!

7. Low on time but love gardening?  See our low-maintenance plant list.

8. Find out how much soil you’ll need for a planting project by consulting our soil coverage information.

9. Many edible plants are beautiful as well as useful. See our edible landscaping list to choose the best options. Read more.

10. Watch our gardening videos and webinars!  Sloat Garden Center has hours of free gardening education online. See the videos.

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