Webinar: Tillandsias 101

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Our indoor plant expert Taylor Pochron returns to talk about Tillandsia!  Learn about these fascinating ‘air plants’ and how to care for and display them. Taylor will share information and care basics, as well as how to incorporate them into your home. Please join us for this fun webinar!

Tillandsias 101 Outline
  • What are Tillandsias, and why do we love them?
  • Discussion on the many varieties
  • Light Requirements
  • Watering Tips
  • Fertilizer options
  • Displaying Ideas
  • Troubleshooting

Tillandsias 101 Shopping List

  • Tillandsias
    • Any Available
    • My Favorite: Tillandsia tectorum
  • Spray Bottle
    • Sloat 8oz or 32oz Spray Bottle
    • Glass Misters
    • Delta Pressure Sprayer
    • Hudson Hand Pump Sprayer
  • Urea Free Foliar Fertilizers
    •  Dyna-Gro: Foliar-pro or Orchid-Pro
    • Tappin Roots: All Season or Bloom
    • Grow More: Urea Free Orchid Food
    • etc….
  • Mounting Wire
    • Joshua Roth Bonsai Wire
    • Tilly Hanger
  • Waterproof Adhesive
    • Tilly Tacker
    • E3600*
  • Displaying Materials
    • Open Glass Terrariums
    • Preserved Moss
    • Bark / Driftwood / Dried Cholla
    • Moss Poles
    • Grapevine Wreaths*
    • Fishing line*

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