Webinar: Container Design Basics

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Join us and learn from our container design expert Jen Strobel. Jen will demonstrate basic tips and approaches to designing your containers, as well as walk you through the planting process from start to finish. She’ll also discuss how to care for them once planted. This class is perfect for any level of container gardener. Scroll down for webinar outline.


Webinar Outline: Container Design Basics

By: Jen Strobel

  • Intro

    • Reminder: All container designs need to be assessed every 4-6 months

  • Choosing the right container

    • Difference between plastic, glazed, and TC

    • Opportunity to add a design element

  • Choosing the plants

    • Simple design vs. full design

      • Thriller, Filler, Spiller

    • Containers can combine plants that otherwise have slightly different watering requirements in the ground

  • Choosing the right soil

  • Planting your container

    • Drought tolerant tips

    • Demo

      • Gravel vs. screen over container hole

  • Basic care/troubleshooting

    • Watering/drainage

      • Most issues happen bc of over/under watering

    • Deadheading

    • Assessing your container after 4-6 months

Supply List:

  • Sloat Potting Soil

  • Sloat Organic Potting Soil

  • Sloat Cactus Mix

  • Sloat Indoor Potting Soil

  • Keeper Stoppers

  • Soil Moist

  • Moss (asst.)

  • Gravel (asst.)

  • Surface saver

  • Pot feet

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