The Salvias are Here in Full Force

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With the warm weather, salvias are in our stores in all colors. Salvias originate from the Mediterranean, Mexico, Africa, and South America. We also carry many salvias native to our own region.

Generally they need full sun, good air circulation, regular water and excellent drainage. If you have clay soil mix in plenty of organic matter when planting, make sure the crown of the plant is slightly above the natural soil line, and mulch with well-aged compost. Waterlogged plants may not make it through winter.

Most of the salvias available come from areas with summer rainfall, they will need regular water during dry spells. This means slow deep watering once every week or so, depending on how hot and windy it has been. Even those labeled as drought-tolerant need a deep soak once a month during the heat of summer.

Most have aromatic foliage, we recommend planting them close to paths and seating areas to enjoy the fragrance. Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies love them!

Prune in late winter or early spring after danger of frost is past. Cut back only a third of the plant, thin out crossing branches or those growing horizontally.

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