The Great Backyard Chicken Adventure, part 7

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Another behavior they seem to enjoy is something I call “ripping and shredding”. If I sit and hold a head of leaf lettuce by the base they rip off pieces enthusiastically and swallow them. If the lettuce leaves are laying on the ground or in a dish the reaction is a muted “What’s the fun in that?” When chickens free-range they rip off little bits of grasses and weeds they find and there is some resistance as they tug away. Sometimes I will dig up clumps of weeds, put on my gloves and let them go to town. Thelma always nips a gloved finger, Louise never does. I don’t react to a nip because I don’t want to encourage Thelma to draw any conclusions……

The girls now have a lettuce piñata! I bought one of the large cylindrical suet cages we carry, hung it from a cross beam and fill it with leafy greens for them, they love it. Thelma still jumps up trying to rip/eat the lettuce as I load the suet cage…impatient girl. They don’t mind that the piñata swings and turns a little, they crouch underneath it and pull bits off from below too.

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