The Great Backyard Chicken Adventure, part 22 – How the Chicken Whisperer’s Journey Began

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Q: What got you started?
A: I was into permaculture and edible landscaping. I was growing/studying herbs for medicine, I was a mushroom hunter. Chickens seemed a logical next step. Maybe was is the wrong verb because I still very much believe in being as self sufficient and sustainable as possible.

Q: Why do you have chickens?
A: I keep chickens to create compost from their bedding and manure, I spread my pile every spring all over the garden. The chickens have almost entirely eradicated the earwigs, sowbugs, slugs, and snails from my yard. They have also eradicated many plants. If you let your chicken have free reign, you had better protect your favorite flowers. I also enjoy tasty, fresh eggs.

Q: Were there chickens around when you were little?
A: I did not have chickens growing up but my father did. They kept a backyard flock for meat and eggs at his home in Los Angeles during the depression.

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