The Great Backyard Chicken Adventure, part 20 – Peeps with Personality

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Each girl has a different personality but they get along well. They travel in a pack of two, attacking the lettuce piñata, or inspecting the garden. Louise looked up yesterday and couldn’t see Thelma (behind a clump of blue oat grass). She stretched her neck up and clucked “Hello? Anybody here?” Thelma clucked back and Louise rushed over to where Thelma was scratching
Thelma’s cluck is deep, it almost sounds like a duck quack. She is lot more vocal than Louise. She follows me as I clean the run every day, clucking the whole time. She now tolerates a few pats on the back. Louise on the other hand, is still molting, and thinks I’m an axe murderer. I’ve only seen one of them peck at the other once, but they have lots of room, and plenty of food, so not really a lot to fuss over.

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