The Great Backyard Chicken Adventure, part 12 – Food

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Last year I took a drive to Half Moon Bay Feed and Pet Supply to check out the supplies needed and the costs, since I couldn’t find any in SF. This year I did find a feed shop in Tam Junction that carries organic feed and other supplies. Chickens need a healthy balance of fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Commercially prepared Organic Feed is available in crumble or pellet form.
The girls’ main diet is organic chicken crumble, which is available all day in a hanging food dispenser. There seems to be a lot of fine particles in the crumble, next time I’m getting the organic pellets to see if there is less waste. The 50lb bags run just under $30. They also get grit, which contributes the grinding element needed in the gizzard to break down grain and insoluble fiber. Chickens who free-range every day pick up little stones as they forage all over. Chickens who only free-range occasionally need grit sprinkled in the run. They also receive ground oystershell, which provides calcium for a nice thick shell.

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