The Great Backyard Chicken Adventure, part 11

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We finally put up deer netting above the fence to keep the girls from taking an unexpected plunge next door. It is practically invisible, yay! It was such a hot day when we secured the garden this week, I sat down in the shade of the run to cool off. My friend looked at me from the other end of the garden and gave the command “Release the birds!”

I unlocked the door and sat down again, then pushed the door open from the side. (I don’t want the girls to associate a human standing at the door with playing in the yard). They plopped out and came over to peck in the dirt around my feet. Then someone’s little brain thought ‘Wait a minute, there’s spinach here someplace’… and off to the veggie bed where they happily ripped away at the spinach (it had bolted so why not?). They basically stayed in a small part of the garden and came back to the pen readily when I shook the cup and put out dinner. I can’t wait to let them out again.

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