Starting Seed Indoors

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Starting Seed Indoors

Several critical factors to remember when starting seed indoors:

LIGHT: A window or normal household light is not adequate light for starting seedlings indoors. Miracle LED Grow Lights (available at all Sloat locations) will improve your home’s light spectrum so plants can thrive. These bulbs are cool burning, fit a normal light or lamp fixture, and last up to 10 times longer than standard lightbulbs!  Seedlings should receive 16 hours of light (a dark period is important, so don’t leave lights on for 24 hours…use an automatic timer).

MOISTURE: Seedlings must be kept moist (not soggy) at all times.

TEMPERATURE: For most varieties, normal household temperature (70 – 80 degrees) is ideal for germination; 60 – 70 degrees will work just fine. A 10-degree drop in temperature at night is also preferable.

SOIL: Your local independent garden center will carry special sterilized soils for seed starting.

HARDENING OFF: When your plants are ready to go outside, start slowly! Put them outside for a few hours every day; slowly increase the time outdoors daily. In a week to ten days, they will be ready for the outdoors.



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