Plant Pick for June: Salvia

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salvia_sylvestris_may_night-jpgCommonly known as sages, these annuals, shrubby and herbaceous perennials come in all shapes and sizes, from 4” high ground covers to 8’ high shrubs. They flower from spring to fall and are easily recognized by their square stems.

The foliage is fragrant when crushed or rubbed; especially native types such as Salvia apiana and Salvia clevelandii. When in flower they are like a magnet for bees, butterflies, and especially hummingbirds. Salvia will grow best in full sun; smaller types can be grown successfully in containers. Remove spent flowers to encourage a longer flowering period.

Most types are drought tolerant as long as soil is amended with Sloat Organic Planting Mix and E.B. Stone Sure Start fertilizer, along with a good layer of mulch applied on top to hold in moisture.

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