Is your garden bursting with tomatoes?

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We love these recipe ideas from today’s New York Times Food Section!

So Many Tomatoes to Stuff in a Week
Published: August 22, 2007, New York Times

Of all the produce that tastes amazingly better in season —peaches and apricots, strawberries and peas — none inspires the same cultish devotion as summer tomatoes.

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Meaty and succulent, their velvety flesh enclosing a fragrant jelly of golden seeds and dripping with sweet pink juice, summer tomatoes are everything their cold-weather counterparts aren’t, including cheap and abundant.

Right now farmers’ markets are rich with them: a dizzying profusion of scarlet beefsteaks, mini red and orange cherries and luminous lumpy heirlooms ranging from mild yellow Striped Germans to tart, intense, mauve-hued Brandywines. Swooning in their midst, I can’t seem to walk away without bags of them.

Once I get them home, though, I’m left wondering, What the heck am I going to do with all these tomatoes? How fast I can consume my purple Krims and Green Zebras before they ooze into a sticky puddle?

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