How to take care of your new citrus tree

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Our selection of citrus trees will provide delicious fruit if you keep the following in mind:

EXPOSURE: Citrus want full sun. Provide a south-facing site with a minimum 6 hours of direct sun.

PLANTING: Provide good drainage. In the ground, use Sloat Planting Mix. Use Sloat Organic Potting Soil if growing in a container.

FEEDING: Citrus should be fed year-round. Use Greenall Citrus Avocado Food or EB Stone Organics Citrus Food + Liquinox Iron & Zinc

SUPPLEMENT: Provide the necessary nutrients iron, sulfur, manganese and zinc by feeding with Greenall FST in Spring and Fall.

WATERING: Citrus prefer soil that is between dry and moist. Avoid over-watering. Do not plant in a lawn or where there is regular, shallow irrigation.

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