Heavy winds and welcome rains are heading our way

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Dear Bay Area Gardeners,

Heavy winds and welcome rains are heading our way Wednesday night. We have a few suggestions to keep your plants and pottery safe:

  • Minimize potential damage to plants that are likely to tip over; move them into protected areas or secure them to structures.
  • If you display potted plants on outdoor shelves or balcony railings, move them to the ground.
  • Make sure any and all drainage grates are clear of debris, and that leaves are raked prior to the rain.
  • Redirect water from downspouts with corrugated, plastic tubing or another device and aim it toward garden, orchard or lawn areas. Routing rainwater toward a landscaped area will allow it to seep into the ground (where it will eventually flow into a local creek).

It has been a long time since we’ve had to consider safeguarding our gardens from a storm like the one set to arrive tomorrow. We invite you to think about protecting your plants and pottery today.

Dave Stoner, President
Sloat Garden Center


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