Garden Guru question: citrus!

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Dear Garden Guru, 
I have a blood orange tree that is 3 or 4 years old. The oranges have very thick skin and dried out (almost no juice) — they really are not edible.  Can you help?  — Susan in Kentfield

Dear Susan,
Here are some reasons for dry citrus fruit:
1. The fruit is left on the tree for too long. When fruit becomes overripe, the pulp will begin to dry up and the rinds will puff up.
2. The freeze we had in December desiccated fruits that were exposed. Freezing also causes bitterness.
3. The tree is not given sufficient water, especially in summer and fall as the fruit is ripening.
4. Thick or puffy rinds can be mitigated by supplying a fertilizer supplement containing zinc in spring and fall. We like Growmore Citrus Growers Blend or Liquinox Iron and Zinc.

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