All about Alstroemeria

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Alstroemeria, also called Peruvian Lily, Parrot Lily, Parrot Flower, Inca Lily, are perennials grown from tuberous roots. They originate from South America. Once established these plants produce masses of color in borders. They are also a fantastic long-lasting cut flower. The blossoms are borne in clusters at the top of leafy stems and range in colors from white, yellow, salmon, orange, rose pink, and purple with dark flecks and splotches of color.To enjoy the cut flowers pull up the flowering shoots from the base rather than cutting them. This pulling stimulates more bloom from the mother plant. The leaves are resupinate, which means they twist from the base so what appears to be the upper leaf surface is actually the lower leaf surface.

Give them plenty of room in the bed, they will spread. You can divide them in the fall to control the spread. They can get be upright or sprawly. Alstroemeria like regular water, good drainage and part shade in hot climates.

The whole plant may turn straw-colored before it goes dormant and disappears in the late summer or early fall.

They look lovely paired with Nemesia, violas, myosotis, brunnera, sweet peas and the campanulas with tall flower stalks.

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